Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Say You're Mine

First off, an apology for this late post: Obviously I meant to get this up in time for Valentine's Day...actually I intended to post this ON Valentine's Day. I may have mentioned before how I listen to Christmas music while working and I will make notes of play list/compilation ideas as I go along through my day and the songs (and I've been going through an 8 GB flash drive FULL of Christmas music over the last month!) and I store the lists in my "drafts" folder in Outlook Express at work.

I can also access my work email from home, and get a hold of my lists when I need them. Only this past week was a double whammy for me...late Thursday into Friday night I had to deal with a virus/spyware on my computer which prevented me from getting ANY work done. Then when I got back up and running, it was too late...the IT department where I work had closed for the long holiday weekend and I couldn't access my email folders from home.

So I had to decide if I should hastily put together a quick list of songs to post by searching for "love" in the titles (or something equally prosaic) or should I just wait until Tuesday and get the list I wanted to post? I opted to wait and make a late post, because I had songs on my play list that I couldn't think of off the top of my head.

And I am glad I did wait.

So, without further adieu, here are the the Christmas Valentine's Day songs! Some are rather sad and plaintive...I guess people are longing for love at Christmas time! But I tried my best to find some of the more off the beaten path Christmas love songs for this post.