Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Message to my readers

OK, it's nearly the middle of the Christmas season now and no doubt many of you came here hoping to find new tunes.

After much consideration I decided to stop posting songs on here. I loved doing it in the past and will very likely continue to post Christmas music in the future. I'd like to post annual compilations but am not sure if they will be on here or perhaps at another Christmas related website. I am sorry to say I don't think I will have time to put together a compilation this year.

As many of you probably read on here previously, there was a computer crash that caused me to lose a lot. And then working two jobs and some other personal stuff that came up this past year really made it difficult for me to regain footing (including moving, which wasn't a far move for me but still...uprooting everything and planting down in another place takes a lot.) Shoot, I still don't even have a new computer yet! I am still working with the faulty one that crashed (and has crashed so many times on me since! I plan on getting a new computer before too much longer, but that's just one thing I refuse to buy on credit, so it's pretty much using the computer for the bare basics right now.)

As a result I allowed my Box.com account (which hosted my MP3 files) to close. It was just an expense I didn't need since I wasn't posting new music on here. So when I get ready to post music again or share it elsewhere I will have to find a new MP3 hosting site.

There has been ONE order for the Wayside Waifs CD that came in and I apologize to the person who ordered it for not seeing the order sooner. I promise I received your order and it is on it's way.

So for the time being anyway, this blog is going to remain inactive. I have my sights on new Christmas music all the time and this year is no exception. I haven't had the time to sit down and look for all the fun freebies that are out there this year, but hope to soon before they are all gone after Christmas. I appreciate SO MUCH all of you reading my blog in the past. I am not going anywhere...I am not giving up on Christmas music, or even the Wayside Waifs CD. So if anybody else out there wants to order it please do so. I haven't raised as much as I'd hope, but there's a fair amount in a Pay Pal account yet and I'd like to add more to that before getting a cashiers check to the shelter! I hope to see you here again in the future!

The "Tone King!"