Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas on the Beach Part 4

OH MY! Time just goes by so fast. I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning for my vacation, so this will just be a quick post! I might be sparse on the comments/why I chose the songs I did, but hey, I did promise to make my post before I headed out of town, and here it is...

19) The Knickerbockers-I Want a Girl For Christmas

There just isn't enough good 60's pop Christmas music in my book!

20) Fats Domino-I Told Santa Claus

21) The Debonaires-Christmas Time

22) The Weavers-Lulloo Lullay/It's Almost Day

23) LaDawn Lundstrom-I Can't Hardly Wait `Til Christmas

24) CLM Industries-Santa's Factoree

Again, I apologize for the rushed post.

I hope you find some time to set aside to celebrate Christmas in July!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christmas on the Beach Part 3

13) Lundstroms-The Joys of Christmas Day

From their 1981 release "Best of Christmas." They actually have quite a few Christmas releases under their belt. There is one more LP I have to transfer to MP3 to share later on in the year, and I hope to come across more as my collection grows. I can't say I think their music is the capably written and enjoyable and at times it hits a good mark. However, what I appreciate most about this family's music is that Lowell Lundstrom managed to pen quite a few original tracks for his Christmas releases, a rare thing to see in Christian music Christmas releases that just regurgitate the same standards over and over again.

14) Jane Siberry-Are You Burning, Little Candle?

I don't think I gave this song much notice the first time I listened to the Winter, Fire & Snow compilation (currently going for as little as 27¢ from's sellers right now! Buy it!!!) but when it came around on my MP3 player while I was figuring what to include on this compilation, this song was one of the first ones to stick out to me. In fact, I think it was the first song I put on my list for songs to include, and I never wavered from it. A nice, nice tune...a good listen.

15) Gene Stewart-I Love Christmas

Wow, I just realized I am sharing a lot of tracks from this CD on this blog: Christmas Countdown. It may not be filled with the most revolutionary original Christmas music on Earth, but does deliver in a string of one great song after another. Highly recommended.

16) Ferlin Husky-In Santa's Bag

Like the song I used to kick off this compilation (The First Christmas) I wonder why we haven't heard versions of this over the years, keeping this on the rotation for classic standards to enjoy at Christmas time. Well, radio's loss is this blog's gain...I just wish that this song would get more attention around the holiday times! A fun, fun song, and from a great record over all: Christmas All Year Long. I have it on LP but I see sells it as a MP3 album!

17) Bob Morrison-It's Christmas

From a 45 I acquired earlier this year.

18) Autumn Leaves- Wintertyme Joy

This was one of the My Space finds I found last December, but never got around to sharing it on the blog. Seemed fitting some how for a summer Christmas release to reflect on the joy of winter! The band is from Minneapolis, MN.

I promise to post the remaining six songs from this compilation before I head out of town!

Thank you for reading and listening!