Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't Hassel the Hoff!

Another amazing Christmas find that is right up there with the Max Headroom Christmas (posted on the first posting ever on this blog) is the Kitt Knight Rider Christmas record. It was recorded in 1983 and released on MCA Records. It was, IMHO, the finest display of KITT's abilities, even if he is a bit jaded towards the festive season near the end of the song. But he does save Christmas, and that's what counts!

KITT The Amazing Car of Tomorrow-A Knight Rider Christmas

The second offering for today is another rather rare song (but ample copies seem to be online this year if you want to pick one up yourself. I guarantee you more songs will appear on this blog in the future!) from the Dallas Cowboys NFL Christmas Record, released in 1986. It seems some of the most interesting Christmas music was released on vinyl record...what's up with that?

Dallas Cowboys-I Don't Want To Be Home Christmas


Anonymous said...

You aren't going to include those damn barking dogs I hope, But I would love to hear some Partridge Family!!

The Tone King said...

The Barking Dogs are certainly nothing special, and go against everything this website stands for!

Don't worry...I got some Partridge Family waiting in the wings...I just may be making a special TV singers blog post someday soon!

Disco D said...

PLease re-post KITT!
thank you :)