Friday, February 29, 2008

It's you know where your lawn ornaments are?

It's you know where your lawn ornaments are? Well, if they are still out on the lawn, doncha think it's time to bring them on in??? (I mean, come on...what happened to poor Santa there???)

And while it may only be February for a few more hours, it is a special day in February that I couldn't resist making a post's a LEAP YEAR DAY! So what better way to celebrate one more day in February than with some new Christmas songs for you to enjoy?

Today I have an obvious choice of a song, but perhaps not the most common version of it. It is a live performance of Lou Reed's seasonal favorite, "Xmas In February," which he performs with Bruce Cockburn. And, honestly, I am not sure of the source. I can only surmise it's from one of the legendary Bruce Cockburn Christmas concerts. But I managed to come across the MP3 somewhere and I am pleased to share it nonetheless.

Lou Reed, Bruce Cockburn-Xmas in February

Finally, I'd like to share with you another reminder that Christmas is all year long. This is a nice little track I acquired from a recent purchase of a old 45, circa the 1950's.

Voices of the Little Flower-Christmas All Year 'Round


So It Goes said...

This blog is a little treasure! The Voices Of The Little Flower is a touching gem too: so please visit me at Consider your blog linked, sir!

The Tone King said...

Thank you for the kind comments, sir.

Consider your blog linked as well!