Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deep, Crisp and Even part two

Sorry for the late posting of this...I meant to get this up on Sunday or Monday, but time really got away from me. (Especially with figuring my taxes last night! I should find a way to deduct my Christmas music purchases then I'd be OK!!!)

Very well....on to part two of the collection....

9. Kanute-Last Christmas

Last Christmas is probably one of my least favorite Christmas songs, but has yielded some of my most favorite cover versions. It turns out the Wham boys wrote a pretty great song (though my understanding it was originally an Easter song but changed to Christmas by the record execs to sell more copies! Hey, whatever works!) I felt this plaintive version was a great follow up to the stark beauty of Hugh Downs.

I found this track at a wonderful blog that is dedicated to nothing but Last Christmas cover versions...


Most the links are dead right now, but I hope he posts a whole lot new ones next year...certainly one to drop in my links list on this site. Bookmark it today!

10. Meaghan Smith-Little Drummer Boy

This version came to my attention from Todd MacEwan, of SPUD 102 fame. He strongly recommends the compilation this song came from: A New Kind of Light (featured towards the bottom of his blog, linked above...not sure if it's still for sale though.)

11. Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Riki Michelle, Derri Daugherty-I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

From the collection Noel on Via Records from 1995 (Sorry, I am not finding a link for this one right now.) Every song on this CD is a cover version of a familiar traditional song, but all are awesome. I purchased it because of the strength of the talent involved.

12. Peter Wood Singers-Winter Wonderland

If I recall right, I found this first from our friends at FaLaLaLa. The Peter Wood record he posted is a great recording over all...seek it out by all means if you haven't already. This version just pops and hits every right note. Peter Wood certainly makes this song his own with this recording.

13. Apollo Zero-Do You Hear Rainbows I Hear?

Is a mash-up also a cover version? Well, I guess I will let you debate that among yourselves. For the sake of me and this compilation, I am going to go ahead and say, yes, yes it does.

This came from our friends at DJBC.

14. Starflyer 59-Christmas Time Is Here
15. Bon Voyage-Holly Jolly Christmas

I put these on the compilation not only because they are excellent cover versions, but also because the lead singer of Starflyer 59 is married to the lead singer of Bon Voyage. This comes from the Happy Christmas series.

I really like Starflyer 59's spacy take on Christmas Time Is Here, and with Bon Voyage...well, I have to say that Burl Ives' version of that song really has a special place in my heart. It may be a standard, heard by so many, but rightfully so. I really haven't heard a version that tops his. And, to be fair, Bon Voyage doesn't top it, but I think the vocals on this particular version are very memorable in their own way. Jason Martin and his clan are a very talented bunch....I always appreciate what they put out.

16. Elephant Micha-Jesus Christ

This is an oft covered version of this song, and I was torn between a few for this compilation. I finally settled on this one because I really preferred the arrangement to other versions I have heard. It was purely a personal preference. This comes from the compilation A Very Standard Christmas. (Which was one of my favorite comps I picked up in 2007.)

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