Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas on the Beach Part 4

OH MY! Time just goes by so fast. I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning for my vacation, so this will just be a quick post! I might be sparse on the comments/why I chose the songs I did, but hey, I did promise to make my post before I headed out of town, and here it is...

19) The Knickerbockers-I Want a Girl For Christmas

There just isn't enough good 60's pop Christmas music in my book!

20) Fats Domino-I Told Santa Claus

21) The Debonaires-Christmas Time

22) The Weavers-Lulloo Lullay/It's Almost Day

23) LaDawn Lundstrom-I Can't Hardly Wait `Til Christmas

24) CLM Industries-Santa's Factoree

Again, I apologize for the rushed post.

I hope you find some time to set aside to celebrate Christmas in July!


Anonymous said...

i just woul like to ask if you have ever heard of the christmas song gee weez..... i love that song but cant seem to find it.... the song goes like... "its been a long,long time i guess you figue out that it cross my mind... i know its time to wish a merry christmas!!!... my best friend is having a party and everyone is going i know its gonna be a lot of fun,its snowing......"i dont remember the rest could you help me @

stubbysfears said...

Hello, Anonymous.

While the Tone-King is away, I figured I could answer your question.

You're looking for "Gee Whiz, It's Christmas" by Carla Thomas from 1968. Carla's big hit had been "Gee Whiz" and it was a fairly common practice at the time to try and link Holiday fare with recognizable hits.

In addition to the 45, the song appeared on Atco's original "Soul Christmas" LP (since issued on CD, but likely out of print)--these days referred to as The Original Soul Christmas album.

Currently, you can find the song on a number of CD collections, including the updated "Soul Christmas"
available at Amazon ( which basically took some tracks from the Atco LP and some from the later "Funky Christmas" on Cotillion. It's also on "Ultimate Christmas, Vol. 4," which you can find at ( and, probably, at your local record/CD dealer later this year.

Mandie said...

Hello! I am happy to find another Christmas blog. Only 106 more days left...

Mandie said...

After reading your disclaimer I couldn't help but wonder. I listen to Christmas music on my blog every day. Is that legal? I have downloaded many of them to listen to while I clean and such. Please let me know...

The Tone King said...

Is this a trap?