Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update and a New Compilation

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated (wait...there were rumors of what??)

On December 5th I attended the Christmas Open House at Wayside Waifs and on December 6th I developed a bit of a runny nose and a small cough that I chalked up to an allergy reaction of some sort. On the 7th I woke up with a full blown cold/flu/whatever it is that made me the sickest I've been least the past 15-16 years. No joke. So that's why you haven't seen much of me or heard much from me. And for that I truly apologize. I am still recovering but at least I feel a bit better every day. This is some kind of insidious cold that refuses to improve with rest and liquids and medication. It's a tenacious sort that gets a hold of your body and forces you to suffer until it's done ravaging you. Suffice to say, it's not just this blog that has suffered. I missed time from work and, shoot, I haven't even been able to buy any Christmas music this year, let alone down load any new tracks. Shoot.

But I would like to share with you a collection of some of my favorite songs that I've compiled over the past year. I intended to post more than this, of course, but this is really the first time I could make it on here in a while. I tried Monday (I really did!) and I could barely stay awake I was so sick.

01-August Darnell-Christmas on Riverside Drive

A nice upbeat tune to start things off! This is from the ZE Christmas Record.

02-Triffids-Save What You Can

From the album Calenture. The Triffids were always a favorite of mine, and this was the first album I heard from them. And, while not exactly the most overtly Christmas song of the bunch (though it does mention Christmas cheer!), it does lead quite well into the next track...

03-Prefab Sprout-Earth, the Story So Far

Prefab Sprout rose to fame around the same time as the Triffids did. This track comes from their 2009 release, "Let's Change the World."

04-Super Fuffy Animals-Gift that Keeps Giving

From Hey Venus!

05-Adam and Darcie-With Wondering Awe

Found online last year at the Village Ten Collective.

06-April March-Last Train to Christmas

I liked the sound of track 5 and it seemed to compliment well the sound of this track. April March's music is often a bit of a challenge to find at reasonable prices, but always worth it if you do your digging at the right time. This comes from April March and Los Cincos.

07-Milagro Saints & The Sounds of Creation Choir & Band - Child of Peace

And this comes from the first Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas compilation.

08-Breanne Düren-Heart in My Hands

From My Space...still going in the same style of music, for the most part. Found online last year.

09-Betty & The Cavaleros-Hey I'm Your Gift Today

Also found online last year, a free gift to web surfers at

10-The Birthday Girl Vs AFH-Hey Santa

Another online find...this time the Filthy Little Angels Christmas compilation.

11-The Cartridge Family - Frosty The Freemason

Online as well...

12-Glam Chops-Countdown To Christmas

And yet another My Space track I found last year.

13-Billy Ruffian-It's A Long Lonely Christmas Without Jimmy Greenhoff

From A Very Cherry Christmas 3

14-Departure Lounge - Christmas Downer

This comes from It's a Cool, Cool Christmas.

15-Camden Flatwood-Christmas Has A Way

From A Very Balthrop Christmas, an online compilation available last year.

16-Richard Thompson-Mary and Joseph

A little something different...another not so exactly a traditional Christmas song. From Henry the Human Fly.

17-The Leopards-Dancing In The Snow

From a Christmas 45 record.

18-The Walkabouts-Christmas Valley

Another favorite off the beaten path track I found... From Devil's Road.

19-Trapper Zukie-Archie, The Rednosed Reindeer

From Man Ah Warrior. You can never go wrong with music like this!

20-Ting Tings-Shut Up & Let It Snow

One day I hope to hear a full studio recording of this song...but for now we have the radio recording to tide us over.

More to come soon... Including LONG over due news about a NEW bonus CD for the Wayside Waifs compilation. News I wanted to get out earlier...but you know...all what I said earlier and all. The sickness was really horrible timing.

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stubbysfears said...

Hey, there. Merry Christmas and I certainly hope you're feeling better and will continue to feel better.

And if you have a copy of the Leopards 45, could you post a label scan at some point? I only have the album and that was nearly impossible to find itself. Of course, the band originated in your neck of the woods, so it's quite logical you would be able to find the 45 there.