Friday, March 14, 2008

The Merry Month of March!

March is a special kind of month. I think outside of the Christmas season, this is the most holiday enriched time of the year (and don't tell me Christmas is just one day...we've already been around that topic!)

This month we have (just to name a few)...

●12 Girl Scouts Founded
●16 Palm Sunday
●17 St Patrick's Day
●20 Vernal Equinox/Maundy Thursday/Journée internationale de la Francophonie
●21 Good Friday
●22 Holy Saturday
●23 Easter Sunday
●24 Easter Monday

Try as I did, I could NOT find any Christmas songs by Girl Scouts to commemorate their anniversary. It's a sad thing, but I guess when you're so busy making all those cookies you don't get much time to get in the recording studio to lay down some Christmas tunes. And if I do find any, well...I guess I will just have something for next year!

But March has plenty of other great things to celebrate, and I contemplated making separate posts for each day for each holiday, but I figured what better way to celebrate this festive month than to share a few great March and Spring related Christmas tunes!

First up, why not celebrate the first day of spring with a wonderful tale about Santa's visit to this wonderfully festive time of the year! This is from the excellent collection titled "What Would Santa Say?"

Mark Shane Xmas All Stars-Santa Claus Came in the Spring

Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of songs that tie in Christmas with the Spring, but I managed to find a couple others. This one is an instrumental by Bill Mallonee (of Vigilantes of Love fame) from his Christmas release, Yonder Shines the Infant Light. It's Springish, I guess!

Bill Mallonee-Dayspring

I'd like to share another song that celebrates the passing of winter into spring. This is from Wonderland: Cool December, an excellent collection at any time of the year.

Julie Christy-Love Turns Winter to Spring

March brings us St. Patrick's Day, and there is seemingly no shortage of Irish Christmas music to share. This year I have a couple tracks from Frank Kelly's Christmas Countdown on Rego Irish Records. (The information on the site I linked says the CD is a CD-R but I can verify that my CD is an actual pressed factory made CD, not that makes a huge difference to me, but I thought the info might be useful.)

Tony Kenny-Any Dream Will Do

Gene Stewart-I Love Christmas

This following track comes from another EXCELLENT Christmas blog (which is already found in my links section to the right of this very post) and I am sure those of you interested enough to check out my blog in March are already fans of this man's blog, and more than likely already downloaded this track from his site, but I had to share it here nonetheless because it is one of the rare tracks that dares to meld Christmas and Easter with a wonderful result. (You can also see a high res scan of the original record cover there!)

Alex Houston & Elmer-Here Comes Peter Cotton Claus

Captain OT, if you are checking up on this blog, I sure hope you don't mind me sharing one of your awesome finds! Music like this has to get around!

I don't think I shared any Christine Wyrtzen on here before, but I more than likely will in the future. Fans of classic Christian radio may recognize her voice. The main bulk of her music is a wee bit before my time, as was her father's music (Don Wyrtzen). The Wyrtzen's were a formidable force in the genre of music they covered, and one of the things I appreciate most about them is their albums, even their Christmas albums, consisted mainly of original tracks. Well written original tracks. Surprisingly, information on them online is a bit sparse, and I do see Christine's original LPs are available on CD on her website, so be sure to support her by purchasing her excellent Christmas album, Christine's Christmas.

Christine Wyrtzen-All Year Long

That song is just a gentle reminder we should celebrate Christmas all year long. And, as we have found in March, there are plenty of reasons to find in each month of the year to remember the Christmas season and what it means to us.

Finally, I'd like to share another track that reminds of pretty much the same thing. This comes from Ferlin Husky's album Christmas All Year Long, which was released sometime in the 60s on Capitol Records.

Ferlin Husky-I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long

That's it from me for this month! May the Easter season bring you some Christmas cheer!

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