Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christmas on the Beach Part 2

Continuing our summer celebration of Christmas! These are just some of my most favorites of my favorites so far this year.

7) Merrill Osmond-A Very Merry Christmas

From the 1976 Osmond Christmas Album. The Osmonds have always brought great Christmas music to our ears, much like Lawrence Welk. I feel not much of it gets heard these days (like with Welk's Christmas music) because times have changed, people associate the name with something outdated, but man...this sounds as fresh and as invigorating to me as anything released recently. If not more so.

8) Valerie Masters-Christmas Calling

It may be hot, humid, and sticky today (at least in my stomping grounds!) but Christmas is coming soon. Hear it calling? From World in Winter.

9) Brook Benton-Our First Christmas Together

From the compilation Holiday Magic. According to his Wikipedia page, he charted on the Christmas charts. I am not sure if it was with this song, but I imagine so. A lost treasure for sure.

10) Sonny Knowles-Old Christmas Dinner

From the Irish compilation Christmas Countdown.

11) Lula Bolden-Old Time White Christmas

Now this is a nice little track. I wish I could say where I found it. The fact is it's been in my collection for a little while now...I don't recall where I got it. I believe it's from a rare 45, and I believe I got it on Ebay (which is a safe bet as I found most of my Christmas 45's on "the Bay." It really could have landed on my favorite cover versions compilation I posted not that long ago
as it really turns into an interesting cover of White Christmas.

12) Phoebe Snow-Merry Christmas, Baby

From the very, very nice compilation called Winter, Fire and Snow. It's out of print but can be found at a fair price.

Back next week with six more...

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