Friday, June 20, 2008

Christmas on the Beach Part 1

So this is the first day of Summer, and what better way to commemorate it than by reflecting on the festive season of CHRISTMAS! (Because you expected me to do something else???)

Santa's on vacation, people are heading to the beach, but yet for those festive ones among us, Christmas isn't just one day out of the year...Christmas is in the hearts of men! Yes, you can have Christmas without the snow and mistletoe! In fact, that is what the first song that starts off this compilation says...

1) Danny Thomas-The First Christmas

The goal of this blog from day one was to locate and share Christmas music that is great but rarely heard on the radio. I don't think any song achieves that goal more than this one. It's so simple, so melodic, easy lyrics...all the signs of a Christmas standard, yet this is on an album that is only on LP (at least according to Cricket on the Hearth. The album opens with this song and also closes with it, though it's Danny's version that wins me over. This deserves to stand along side some of the most beloved Christmas standards we know. If Danny hadn't been busy with acting and doing his charity work, no doubt he could have made some good cash at singing.

And what better way to start a compilation about celebrating Christmas in Summer than declaring that we can have Christmas without the snow and mistletoe!

2) Evie-Christmas, A Happy Time

This comes from her record of the same name. It can also be found on her CD Christmas Memories.

3) Michael D'Egidio-Santa's Vacation

I would have started posting this compilation earlier this month, but I had to wait on this record! It's from a 45 record released in 1986 on Saxtone Records. I hope it was worth the wait!

4) Irene-Christmas on the Beach

A single released on Labrador Records in 2006. I actually found this in my files at the last minute! I was about to post this compilation without this song, but I found it by chance in my files and knew I had to share it!

5) Lawrence Welk-Christmas Dreaming

Oh, the perfect songs for this compilation just keep coming! No snow around, but I am dreaming of Christmas! How about you?!?

6) Captain Carla Voeller-Wake Up, It's Christmas Time

Well, I only have so many songs about Christmas when it's not Christmas. Now I get a chance to share with you some of my favorite Christmas songs of the year so far (not released this year...just some of my personal favorites of all I've been listening to lately!) This comes from a compilation I found on Ebay called Twin City Christmas (not St. Paul/Minneapolis!) It seemed fitting to follow up Lawrence dreaming of Christmas with this song.

Well, there will be more to come...this is just part one! I have 24 tracks to share with you over the coming weeks! I hope to have all of them posted by July 14th, as I am going on my own vacation then (on which I will be going to a record show AND getting to shop at a Cheapo Records! OOOH, YEAH, new Christmas music here I come!!!)

Thank you, and I appreciate you listening and reading!


stubbysfears said...

Cheapo? Did you say Cheapo? You going to Boston or Hawaii? The one in Boston moved a bit, you know...basically across the street. The one in Hawaii is primarily storage, I think.

The Tone King said...

Minneapolis, sir.