Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas on 45 part 4

24) Lila Lou-We're Gettin' Pa a Brand New Still For Christmas

John Denver and Lowell Lundstrom don't want their daddies drunk for Christmas but not so much for Lila Lou...get paw liquored up for the holidays! YEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWW!!! This little treasure was put out on MBS records and is credited to Lila Lou and her Country Folks. I am unsure on the year.

25) Sonny James-Barefoot Santa Claus

A friend to this site, musicalfruitcake.com, featured this song on their site sometime last year. Truthfully, I have to take exception to the classification of this being the worst of Christmas music. As soon as I dropped this on my record player, I was rather amused by the track. Certainly, it's not going to make any of us scratch our heads and wonder why this isn't the modern day "Frosty the Snowman," but it's a decent song nonetheless.

My classifications for the worst of Christmas music may differ slightly from our friends at musicalfruitcake. Maybe one day I will post the worst I have...but I am thinking of much more modern examples, such as Jewel, Mary Kate and Ashley, Hillary Duff....

26) Sonny James-My Christmas Dream

So even if you were already familiar with Barefoot Santa Claus from musicalfuitcake.com, here is the flip side. A pretty decent song by itself, too. This single was put out by Capitol Records in 1966.

27) Floyd Dakil-Merry Christmas Baby

This was released on Pompeii Records in 1968, but unlike the city, I don't consider this song a complete disaster. In fact, it kind of has a Roy Orbison kind of feel to it, though his vocals can't compare to Roy's. But it would have been great to hear Roy perform this song.

28) Jim Eanes-It Won't Seem Like Christmas

You may recall when I shared side A of this single when we were discussing songs where grown men were asking Santa for dolls for Christmas for unmentionable uses... This was on Starday Records and Jim is credited as performing this song with the Shenandoah Valley Boys.

29) Russ Morgan-Mistletoe Kiss

30) Russ Morgan-Blue Christmas

From 1950 on Decca Records.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great music ... but it seems like Track 27 is missing ... the link is repeated for Track 26.

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The glitch in the Matrix has been fixed!

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