Friday, October 3, 2008

Christmas on 45 part 5

I betcha this one was going to be only four parts like the previous ones! Well, remember...I have a whopping 54 tracks to share with you for this compilation, so hang in there...we will get through it!

31) Voices of the Little Flower-Christmas all Year 'Round
32) Voices of the Little Flower-Little Pine Tree

This was put out by Decca records, but I am uncertain of the year. I know I've shared side A before on this blog, but both sides are mighty fine.

33) Bubber Johnson-It's Christmas Time
34) Bubber Johnson-Let's Make Everyday a Christmas Day

If my old man fuzzy memory serves me properly, this is one of my Minneapolis record show acquisitions. So the dollar I paid for it can forgive the scratchy sound here, but I see some better condition copies for sale now and then so perhaps one day I will pick up a new copy of this. I rather enjoy these tracks. From Complimentary King Records, year unknown.

35) Lowell Fulson-The Original Lonesome Christmas (pts. 1&2)

In his day, Lowell was a formidable force in R&B during the 40's and 50's. Most Christmas songs seem to be footnotes in an artist's discography, but this is one track (among others) for which Lowell is fondly remembered. A very strong piece of work here! I edited both sides of this 45 together into one track. I have located this on CD, but haven't acquired the CD will eventually be mine as I expand my collection. But for now enjoy those warm vinyl sounds (through digital compression, that is....) I am sure it was recorded during the height of his career during the period previously mentioned...I believe around 1950.

36) Lee Jackson & the Cadillac Baby Specials-Christmas Song
37) Clyde Lasley & the Cadillac Baby Specials-Santa Came Home Drunk

Fitting right in with the current style of songs we've been hearing...From Bea and Baby Records. I have the Clyde Lasley song on CD (Bummed Out Christmas) but I can honestly say I think I prefer the audio quality of my own MP3 made from the original 45.

38) The Cameos-New Years Eve

This 45 certainly has seen some better days. It sounded worse until I cleaned it up! I shared side A of this single in part one of this compilation.

Well, that gets us through some of the doo-wop/R&B sounds of the 50's...I hope you enjoyed today's installment.

And once again I apologize for the sporadic posting of this continuing comp...I realized today I totally missed the post last week, for which I say "sorry" but for good reason...I am continuing work on the Wayside Waifs compilation.

And, just for a thank you gift to my dedicated readers, here's a preview track...consider it an "advance single." This song was penned by yours truly (I wrote the lyrics), with music and vocals by Ken Clinger, who is a rock in the foundation of the home taping/DIY scene...a genuine pathfinder of independent music who deserves to be on the same lips that utter names such as Daniel Johnston and R. Stevie Moore (and how many of you are going, "WHO????" Tell the truth!) Ken's been recording since 1983 and certainly has never received his full due, but one day I am confident he will get more attention for his music. This is a start...

Ken Clinger (with lyrics by The Tone King!)-I'm Coming Home For Christmas This Year

I'm not sure how long I will leave this track up, so get it while the getting is good! I wanted to give something extra to my readers. usual...thank you for reading and listening!

EDIT: Ok, I took the link for the Ken Clinger track down! I was arbitrary...I really just put it up to give a sneak preview to the charity CD to my faithful readers and I saw a good number downloaded it, so I thought it was time to take it back down, the intended audience got it already. I hope those of you who got it enjoyed it! If you missed it, it will be released soon on the Wayside Waifs Charity CD! Purchase your this site for more details the purchase goes to help a good cause!

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