Friday, August 28, 2009

Senator Bobby

Given the recent news, I felt it was a good time to revisit this classic record. I see that my previous post of this record has been searched recently, and for good cause. I took down the files of the record a while back but it feels right to repost them.

Rest in peace, Senator Ted Kennedy.

And, for those of you checking for you I profusely apologize. I still don't feel I am 100% after my computer crash, and there are files I lost that I fear I may have lost for good. Then, with work and other cares of life, it seemed it just kept on getting later and later in the summer. I do have some good stuff in store...keep checking back soon...and I promise you this blog won't end up like many other blogs you may find online that just sit idle for months upon months, years upon years and don't get updated anymore. More updates to come...stay "tuned." And I promise to not focus on what I lost but I will focus on the great stuff I still have!

(Though if anybody can supply me with the MP3 files of Andy Cirzan's compilations, I would be indebted. I lost them all, I'm afraid...not a single one backed up!)

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