Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Last Christmas Record For Children

First off, I apologize for not posting yesterday. I meant to, I honestly did. But then I got a package from and a CD I ordered came..."First Christmas Record for Children." (Why is it's prices on Christmas CDs go UP after Christmas? Shouldn't it be the opposite???) A decent collection. Nothing to earth shatteringly rare or unusual on there...just an enjoyable CD, but nothing I'd really go out of my way to share on here.

But that cover really got my creative juices flowing. If this was the first Christmas record for children, what would the LAST Christmas record for children be? And instead of waiting around until death for that question to be answered, I figured why the heck fire not answer it myself.

So that's why there was no post yesterday...I was working on this. And I hope it was worth the wait, and this is my LAST post for this Christmas season, as it is the last day of Christmas. I promise to continue posting through out the year...this site isn't called the Twelve MONTHS of Christmas for grins and giggles...but don't count on it daily for 11 more months. In fact, I plan on taking some well deserved time off from here until February, when I have some ideas in mind for songs to post.

Until then, let this tide you over. It's a special compilation, and as with the My Space comp there are a few songs I already shared here but most of them will be new (to this site at Christmas music aficionados may have already heard a lot of them!)

The Last Christmas Record for Children

And, again, thanks for reading and listening.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all the songs you posted! Will come back next year!


stubbysfears said...

Bravo, sir! Your cover was good enough that I initially thought it was a "fer real" record/CD. Until I started reading the back text, which was excellent--cracked me right up.

One small recommendation: be caredul using words like "originally." That Quad City DJs track, for example, goes back quite aways. Generally, I just use the word "From" to indicate my source material. When I have time, I try to track down the original year of release as well, but "From" alone works.

A day late, but a Happy "Little Christmas" to you and yours. (By the way, many cultures within the US do celebrate all the way to January 6, including the Appalachian Mountain folk and Italian communities in the Northeast. Me, I think Scrooge had it right at the end--keep Christmas all the days of your life.)

The Tone King said...

Thanks for the tip, stubbysfears! I did google searches on many of the songs to track down the ORIGINAL sources, but early on when making the CD booklet (which was LATE on Saturday/EARLY Sunday depending on your perspective) info I didn't do Google searches on some of the first tracks I put on the disc and forgot to go back after I started to do my googling (and I only started to do that because I realized one song I had didn't come from the CD I thought but from a different source entirely! I put the original source in that instance, not the source I got it from.)

stubbysfears said...

I just noticed I said "be caredul" instead of "be careful". And you'd listen to me?

Of course, if there are royalties to be had for inventing new words, by all means, be very very caredul indeed.


PS--I had a couple of decent 45 dumps over at the Fa this past Christmas season. Hope you got em.