Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Mouse Family Christmas

As I sit down to type this, I am drinking my last cup of Silk Pumpkin Spice (a delightfully delicious beverage, by the way. Even if you don't drink Silk on a regular basis, you HAVE to try this stuff next season when it is available. Don't settle for the pumpkin flavored milk with all the artificial colorings and flavors...get the REAL STUFF!) and sadly the grocery stores don't carry it anymore. They rush Christmas products off their shelf to hastily replace them with Valentine's Day goods, much in the same way I am sure most of the people who have come across this blog are hastily rushing back into their post holiday lives.

So my confession is that I am getting a little burned out. I have to be honest. And to avoid that I have to dig deeper into my reserves to find some good stuff to share, and I hope I meet the challenge. It still is the Holiday Season. We are still in the Twelve Days of Christmas, regardless of what is going up on the shelves at the grocery store or what is coming down, regardless of how we feel.

And for those of you still coming by here, I wanted to dig a little deeper in my collection for something I hope most of you haven't heard. And if you have heard it from the original source, then you are a friend of this site indeed. It is "A Mouse Family Christmas," originally released in 1988 by Terry Scott Taylor (who I talked about briefly in my Gene Eugene post). Terry is a genius in music, and the lack of attention he gets for his work will always be maddening to me, but I digress... (though I will point out that he also had a project from about the same time period called "Fruits of the Spirit" that predates the Veggie Tales considerably. I always thought Veggie Tales owes a GREAT debt to Terry Taylor and it's another example of how somebody came up with a great idea first but somebody else got rich off of it.)

I'd like to share with you the COMPLETE "Mouse Family Christmas."

"A Mouse Family Christmas" was written and produced by Terry, with voices and music by Greg Flesch, Ed McTaggert, Jerry Chamberlain (who are in Daniel Amos with Terry) and also Steve Hindalong (and others, according to the Daniel Amos discography.) This was reissued on CD-R in 2002 and given away free to customers of the Daniel Amos online store at Christmas time if they ordered $50.00 or more worth of merchandise.

Well, guess what I did.

So here is the COMPLETE program.

Part One

Part Two

Thanks for listening and enjoy.

EDIT/DISCLAIMER...I just noticed my New Years Day post posted under the 31st. I am wondering why, but I did start writing the post on New Year's Eve because I was going to be busy New Year's Day, but I didn't publish the post until New Years Day. I suppose it is a glitch in the Blogspot program or I did something wrong....but I don't want people to think I skipped out on yesterday's post!


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Ritag82 said...

Im so sad the files aren't still there. I have looked high and low for 'A mouse family Christmas'. I guess I'll keep looking. But if you ever get this post. Please email me the files if you still have them.