Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some more non-compilation Christmas songs

Today I'd like to share with you three Christmas songs from non-Christmas records and, as far as I know, these have never been collected on a Christmas compilation (and if they have, I'd like to know because that could be one cool compilation!)

First up is a legendary artist that I am excited to see a Christmas song from. Ry Cooder has contributed tremendously to music and his 2007 CD "My Name Is Buddy" features a Christmas track. It's a great album at any time of the year...certainly check it out.

Ry Cooder-Christmas In Southgate

Second I have a track by Lyle Lovett from The Road to Ensenada.

Lyle Lovett-Christmas Morning

Finally, I have a track from Bruce Cockburn, whose Christmas CD should be required listening in any library. (From the looks of it, it is out of print and commands some good money...pick it up if you don't have it if you find it for a fair price. It's well worth it.) But my choice from Bruce isn't from his legendary Christmas CD but a single track from Nothing But A Burning Light. "Cry of a Tiny Babe" has been covered by various artists since the release of this CD and it is indeed a great song. It is missed from Bruce's Christmas CD, and it should not be missed if you simply have his Christmas CD but over looked his other CDs.

Bruce Cockburn-Cry of a Tiny Babe

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