Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christmas for the Outcasts Part 4

Sorry for the late timing on this post this week. It's been a little busy, trying to get work done on the Wayside Waifs Charity CD and all. (Which, by the way, if you know of anybody who would like to contribute or simply want to spread the word on your own site/blog, PLEASE feel free! I will make it a two disc set if I have to!)'s to the final installment of my Christmas for the Outcasts compilation...

16. Chris Flew-Christmas on Ward #7

This song was originally recorded and released under the name "The One Who Flew," which gives the song a bit of reference to the Jack Nicholson movie, though the song isn't about people in an insanity ward celebrating Christmas (and how cool would it be if it was!) but the name of the artist who created this song is Chris Flew, a greatly talented musician from Glasgow, Scotland. I like his style and hope to hear more Christmas music from him in the future! This track comes from his album, Kingston Bridge.

17. Felice Brothers-Murder By Mistletoe

For all that I've said about the Felice Brothers, this it the first song I listened to by them, and it was the song that got me to get everything they had. If they could make a Christmas song this compelling, they were bound to make awesome music. And they have not let me down at all.

18. Calexico and Iron & Wine-16, Maybe Less

Calexico should do an entire album of Christmas originals... This comes from In the Reins.

19. The Handsome Family-So Much Wine

I've seen this song pop up on a few blogs posting off the beaten path Christmas music, but it deserves to be listened to again here. This is one of the few bands I like EVERY song I hear by them...I have all their CDs and every song is ripped to MP3 for portability and to enjoy anywhere I go. If only they did a CD of Christmas originals too.... This version comes from Live at Schuba's.

20. Handsome Family-Stupid Bells

A Christmas song the band found on an old cassette tape that they recorded years ago and released on a CD only available from their website.

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