Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Day gift

Here is a gift for the 7th day of Christmas....My first (and hopefully annual, and preferably earlier in the season) My Space Holiday Collection Vol. 1. As you may know, I have compiled several My Space tracks. Some of them may be on EPs, CDs, LPs, or online only. As far as I know, these are all online only...I don't recall seeing record names on a lot of these when I found them.

You may download the tracks individually or they are zipped for your convenience, along with CD artwork in case you want to make your own CD case for it. There are a few tracks I shared previously on the blog.

1. The Hopefuls-Holiday
2. The Holloways-It's Christmas, It's Christmas
3. Voluntary Butler Scheme-Wombling Merry Christmas
4. Air France-Hold On To Me, Baby
5. Aluminum Group-Christmas Presents
6. Verve Pipe-This Christmas Time
7. The School-Kiss You In The Snow
8. Little My-X-Mas Song
9. Noah and the Whale-To Cyril at Crunkmas
10. Project 86-This Time of Year
11. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-Cold White Christmas
12. Shotgun Lover-Christmas Time in the City
13. The Details-Strings and Ribbons
14. William Fitzsimmons-Covered in Snow
15. Matthias Rowe-Northern Lights
16. Bigton Town Gulch Orchestra-Santa's Coming
17. Califone-There's A Star Above the Manger Tonight
18. Brent Green & Califone-Hadacol Christmas
19. Rick Malsick-Christmas Tumbleweed

Valdy-Secret Santa


Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


stubbysfears said...

Now THIS is COOL! And I love the artwork!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the great christmas spirit you have given.wonderful music and lots of interesting comments.may your new year be fantastic and have your self back here next year .all the best