Monday, May 12, 2008

Christmas for the Outcasts Part 2

6. Pernice Brothers-Pisshole in the Snow

I really can't remember how I discovered Pernice Brothers...I believe I downloaded one CD by them from a Russian MP3 download site but not exactly sure why. I discovered I really liked all their music. I soon sought out the rest of their CDs and found they had a pretty similar sound to all their albums, which was good and bad (some of their stuff begins to sound similar to previous releases.) This particular track comes from their CD Discover a Lovelier You. It isn't particularly a Christmas song, but fits well in a collection for outcast Christmas music, as it has a wintery feel in a Claudete Longet "Snow" kind of a way.

7. Matthias Rowe-A Different Scarf

I shared music by Matthias Rowe's music back in a post about music I discovered on My Space. I recently went back to his My Space page to see what he was up to, as I was really impressed with his song "Northern Lights" and also to invite him to contribute a track to the Wayside Waifs Charity CD. I heard this song posted on his page, and it also had a touch of a Christmas theme to it. He's got a good sound...I hope you enjoy it.

8. Lyle Lovett-Christmas Morning

While not a new song, while not exactly obscure, it's not something I commonly see on compilations. From The Road to Ensenada.

9. Felice Brothers-Ruby Mae

Another track from the Felice Brothers, which I introduced here last week. This comes from their 2008 self titled release.

10. Okkervil River-Listening to Otis Redding During Christmas

This is another artist I discovered recently, and was greatly impressed with their sound. Certainly worth searching out more from this band. This comes from their CD Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See.

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