Monday, May 19, 2008

Christmas for the Outcasts Part 3

Just a slight update to share: In part one of these themed posts, I said I had 22 tracks. Well, as I often do, I tinker a bit with these compilations after I start posting them. Some tracks came to my attention that just HAD to be on the collection, and while I tried to remove what I could, the total running time (which I want to keep under 80 minutes total so these can be made into a CD compilation) was too long. After much picking and deleting, I am down to 20 songs. But I feel 20 VERY good songs. And if you are wondering what you missed out on...I believe some of them I shared previously on this blog back in December or I will fit them in at a later date.

So...on to the next five tracks:

11. Momus-Christmas on Earth

This is a track from Timelord. I really like this song. Kind of a David Bowie/Space Oddity type feel to it, some how...very off beat, and certainly a Christmas song about somebody who is truly outcast!

12. White Birds-Possessed by the Stars

From Chantons Noël: Ghosts of Christmas Past. So I guess this one was on a Christmas compilation, unlike most of the tracks I am sharing on this comp, but a quite offbeat, outcast compilation at that!

13. Bruce Springsteen-Pilgrim in the Temple of Love

Oh, Bruce...why haven't you recorded a studio version of this song? So....SO much better than his version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town (IMHO!) Recorded at the Brixton Academy, London, on the 24th April 1996. And it is this track you can thank for the sacrifice of two others. I honestly feel the sacrifice of two for this one was well worth it.

14. Captain Beefheart-There Ain't No Santa Claus on the Evening Stage

I know I've seen this track shared on other Christmas blogs, so I realize I am not treading any new ground in sharing it here, but I thought it fit in well.

15. Evangelicals-The Last Christmas on Earth

I wish I could tell you where I found this wasn't on a Christmas compilation, that much I am positive of. It very well could have been from Obscure Sound, but I am not positive. One thing I am sure of it was one of the first tracks I decided to put on this compilation.

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stubbysfears said...

The Evangelicals track is included on the Mistletone Christmas comp from last year, "Mistletonia".

Click on Evangelicals on the left and the mp3 is still up on the band's page.

To be fair, I found the song first and the comp later. I was tipped to the song (and comp) by the band's label, Dead Oceans, one of several Indie labels I monitor in December...just in case.
(scroll down to 12/3/07)