Friday, October 17, 2008

Christmas on 45 part 6

With talk in the weather forecast tonight of our first frost and snow falling not so far from where I live, it's getting easier and easier to get in the Christmas mood! And I've even seen Christmas commercials already!'s coming fast, folks!

39) Wayne Champion-Merry Yuletide Day
40) Wayne Champion-It's Xmas Time

I am not exactly sure what year these are from (and I am am not exactly sure what it was about the vinyl singles industry that didn't feel a need to put DATES on their products!) and I can't find much about this record/artist on Google. But I can say with certainty that I found this record during my summer buying, and this is on Invictus Records. Based on that information, this record was put out sometime between 1969-1972. This music has an older feel to it, yet somehow it feels timeless.

41) Merv Griffin-Christmas City
42) Merv Griffin-The Song of the Christmas City

Can you believe this was listed more than once on Ebay? Some fool let the first auction go with NO bids! Lucky for me when I found it! This was put out by WDSM, a talk radio station in Duluth, MN. So it was not only fun for me to find a great Christmas treasure on 45, but also a treat to find something from my old stomping grounds of Minnesota! And to find this music so soon after Merv's passing... RIP Merv.

Merv also has a Christmas album released in Canada (which I'd like to get a hold of) if anybody ever feels like setting up a trade of CDs/files...

43) Camille-Snowbelle
44) Camille-White Christmas

Now for something completely different... As far as I know, this is NOT the femme persona of Prince Rogers Nelson (otherwise previously known as the Symbol.) This Camille comes several years before Prince decided to do his version of the Chipmunks...1979 to be exact, on EMI Records. This actually comes from a 12 inch record, but it's played at 45 RPM, so it counts for this compilation!

45) Billy Jackson and the Citizen Band-Have a Happy Christmas

Another 12 inch record played at 45 RPM. I see as I pull out the record that the track is actually called "Have a Happy Christmas (Twas the Night Before Christmas." This was released in 1983 on Partytime Records.

46) Blondie-Yuletide Throwdown (Rapture)

This comes from a flexidisc in Flexipop magazine (which released a number of flexidiscs, but I am not sure how many Christmas flexis...I've seen bootleg CDs available compiling these flexis but don't want to part with my money like a fool as the listings for the sale items never list the tracks). I actually shared this first early on in the first days of this blog, but that link is long expired. Now is the time for you new comers to enjoy this once again.

47) Society Threat-It's Christmas, Yes It Is

You may see a pattern...we are progressing in time as we go through these Christmas 45s. This one comes from 1988. Rare and hard to come by...I believe I found this one on Ebay.

Well, I gotta save the last ones for one more post!

I do have to say I was shocked...really, seriously shocked...when I looked at the previous post and saw it was posted October 3rd. Man, it doesn't seem like two weeks ago I last posted here. What the heck fire was I doing last week?

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know of my work on the Wayside Waifs Charity CD...I have 14 tracks so far for this project, with more coming. It's going to be an exciting project, so any time lost here is well made up with work on this project. Remember to buy your copy when it comes out, buy extras to give a way as presents! Keep in mind I don't get any money off of it, the artists involved don't get any money off of it, nobody gets any money off of it...all the proceeds go to help charity. Watch this space for details!

Also...last, but not least...this is long overdue. Here is a new site for you all to check out. Watchful eyes on this site have already seen this posted in the comments of part one of this compilation, but it's well nigh time I put a link on here and add it to my favorite links on this site.

Christmas Music For Your Listening Pleasure

It's an excellent resource for Christmas music! I see some great information on here about releases I never knew about! It's just one more thing that helps those of us who love Christmas music to find even more music we love!

Thank you for reading and listening!

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