Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too Soon For Christmas Music?

No music postings today (sorry, folks...I just spent the last couple days dealing with a nasty virus/spyware on my computer! THANKFULLY everything is safe as far as my personal files go, including all the files for the Wayside Waifs CD. It nearly turned into a disaster! YIKES!) but I've been perusing online for Christmas music, as I often do. And, yes, people do post Christmas songs all year long elsewhere...not just like I do here...but good original music can be found any time of the year.

Which brings me to today's post...I burned a CD of Christmas music to listen to at work, and somebody thought they were playing Christmas music on the radio! I laughed to myself, not correcting them, letting them find it so hard to believe that a radio station would be playing Christmas music this early.

But, lo and behold, a radio station out there IS playing Christmas music this early! They started on the 10th of October! This has to be a record for the station to switch to an all Christmas format this early!

River Front Times is reporting that "Moving 101.1 FM" is switching formats at the end of the year so they figured what the Holly Heck! Let's start the Christmas format early this year! Most of the listeners HATE IT, but a few are LOVING IT! Hey, just as long as they mix up the play list in their last days I bet it's gotta be good!

And Clear Channel is reporting that haters of Christmas music just as well better get over themselves! It's going to be EARLY for a lot of radio stations, it seems! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

So, dear readers, when does your local station go all Christmas? Keep us updated! Discuss in the comments!


ykw said...

Only one local went all-holiday in '07. Their HD-2 signal was turned on 01 Nov, with the main signal swapping in the caroling (and itself sliding into the HD-2 channel) on Turkey Day.

BTW, the CC holiday piece you linked to is from last year.

One other thing: the St. Louis stick that's hanging up its stockings a bit early this year can be heard here:

audry said...

never i cant ever find any christmas music. do u no any more stations with christmas music.

Wings said...

I don't know of any local radio stations already playing the Christmas tunes, but I know the cable "Music Choice" channels have two on already, "Sounds of the Seasons" and "Traditional Holiday Favorites".

ykw said...

An update: One local started running holiday hits on Hallowe'en night, but only over the weekend. It's back again this weekend, but there's been no word as to whether or not it stays.

(There's a ridiculously long series of ads preceding the stream.)

Another apparently started rocking around the Christmas tree some time this past week, when Delilah started making available the holiday version of her nightly show.

(Only seems to work in IE, though.)

ykw said...

The station I mentioned going holiday for the weekend has decided to take it full-time through the end of the year. Since the station is (ostensibly) an oldies station, it leans hard toward toward Motown and pre-Beatles rock and roll (and artists whose influences lean heavily in one or both of those directions).

The url again:

disa said...