Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas on 45 part 7

This is the final installment of this series.

48) Freddie Jackson-Christmas Forever

Pure 80's pop here, right out of the Billy Ocean style. This comes from an EMI Records 45 released for "Jukeboxes Only!" It says it right on the label! This is also available on the CD compilation, "Give Love on Christmas."

49) Danny Tate-Lovin' Little Christmas

This is the flip side of the jukebox 45 from EMI.

50) Space Negros-Jingle Hell
51) Space Negros-We Wish You A Lousy Xmas
52) Space Negros-Deck the Halls
53) Space Negros-Silent Fright

These four tracks are from one 45 record, "Have a Lousy Xmas." I tracked down a original copy of the 45 online, but these songs have been released elsewhere over the years. I have another LP in my collection with all four of these tracks on it (also called "Have a Lousy Xmas." They really thought a lot of that name, didn't they?) and also on the CD "The Dark Side of the Christmas Tree." (I see now that the CD I just linked to and the LP record I referenced are indeed one and the same...not sure why the CD release of the LP didn't use the same LP name and record gotta love it when these songs get repackaged! I am sure they love it when it fools collectors like me who think they are finding something new and it turns out to be repackaged songs!)

To close...and certainly something completely different from what we've heard so far...

54) Becky Lamb-Go to Sleep Little Lambs

A beautiful song to close off any collection. Just not exactly sure in retrospect how well this fits in after a Space Negros set, but hey...

And, just a reminder, this is the last week I am taking submissions for the Wayside Waifs Charity CD! I can honestly say this collection is really coming along very, very well. I am excited to bring this to you this year, not only to contribute something to the Christmas music world that I love, but also to contribute something for homeless dogs and cats. I was driving to the store the other day and I saw a dead dog on the side of the road, no collar. It seems when it gets cold out jackasses have to let their dogs go and let them off on the side of the road. (I doubt it was a stray from a pup.) I realize my collection won't be able to save all those dogs from jerk owners, but every little bit helps. And gas prices are heading down, so you got a few extra spending dollars to pick up the CD! And a few extra copies to give out as presents! Keep your eye on this site for an announcement soon on how to get your copy.

Til' next time, thank you for reading and listening!

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