Friday, November 14, 2008

Charity CD news and a song

I posted a news update for the CD on my Wayside Waifs blog, so be sure to CHECK IT OUT!

I know many of you are wondering when the CD will be available, and the answer is least by Thanksgiving!

Ethan Waters was gracious to submit a track to the compilation CD, but it wasn't newly recorded for this compilation. I believe this was a single in his homeland of New Zealand, but I am glad to have it on the compilation nonetheless. But I saw on his My Space page the other day he has a different Christmas track up! I wanted to contact him to see if he would let me use this on the compilation instead, but I really didn't have the time, and I am quite happy to have his Christmas single to offer on the comp. However, that doesn't stop me from sharing his other Christmas song here! I am liking the work I hear from this is to hoping he's a long time friend of this blog! (You can also view the music video for his Christmas single on his My Space page!)

Ethan Waters-Winter Smile

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Anonymous said...

Ant and Dec are going head to head in a sing off.
The single is for charity... everyone support Dec!