Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wayside Waifs CD update

OK, for those of you checking to see when the CD will be available....I spoke to a rep at Mixonic and they informed me I should have the package no later than FRIDAY. So I am hoping to spend Thanksgiving night getting it set up for you all to make your orders online through me!

The availability of the digital download at CD Baby will be a short while later...I have to send them copies of the CD first, obviously, before they can get the songs up for download.

So, will be SOON! I am looking forward to getting copies of the CD and getting the copies out to YOU!


stubbysfears said...


I'm trying to order the Wayside Waifs CD, but the link just takes me to the Paypal frontpage, not to a payment or donation page. Even if I choose "send money," that doesn't tell me who or where to send it to.

Now, maybe I'm missing something or there is something that is self evident, but you should probably spell it out so that even an idiot like me can follow it. Like those microwave meals that say "First, remove the meal from the cardboard carton."

I'm not complaining. I'd just like to get my order in. And I can't leave a comment on your Wayside Waifs site, either, since I'm not a blogger.


stubbysfears said...

Thanks for the quick response over at Wayside Waifs.

By the way, just one copy at the moment. And the bonus. The rest is extra. Best I can do at the moment. I kinda forgot to say "one" in my message. (I told you I was an idiot).