Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wayside Waifs CD UP FOR SALE!!!

Some of my faithful readers were quick eyed and already saw I posted the CD for sale on my Wayside Waifs blog already. I am VERY GRATEFUL for the early orders that came in, even before I had all the bugs worked out of the system! Rest assured, each order received before I set up the online store will be out in the mail ASAP! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I placed three orders for myself through the online store I set up...two physical copies and a download (so, yeah, basically I just donated money to Wayside Waifs since I didn't need to download it!) and it worked like a charm for me. If anybody gets any trouble with the online store please let me know at Just add "store problems" in the subject line so I can promptly address it.

So, for those of you who are new to my blog and are checking me out for the first time this year, the short of it is this: I decided early 2008 that I wanted to compile a CD of holiday music to benefit Wayside Waifs and I contacted several artists and solicited material for the CD, and the final result is now here and available to buy! The long of it can be found at my Wayside Waifs blog.

Click on either Wayside Waifs blog link to buy, or click on the image in my profile picture to go to the page to buy it!

For right now, this CD is available exclusively through me. I will be at Wayside Waifs on December 6th from noon-3pm to sell copies at their Holiday Open House! I am really excited for that opportunity! Also Larry Garrett and some of the local musicians involved will be selling copies at their Christmas shows and I am crossing my fingers that Wayside Waifs will be linking the CD for sale on their main page and well...all kinds of good stuff to come!

Also, a marketing rep wrote up a press release about the CD to send to the Kansas City Star and elsewhere, so hopefully this CD project will get a decent amount of word of mouth!

Just a few changes from what I said about the project earlier: the main one is I scrapped the idea of using CD Baby. It might have helped in the sales...send a ton of copies to them and let them handle it all, but the bottom line for scrapping them was the cost. $35.00 to set it up and then $4.00 for each CD sold and I forget exactly how much they take for each download, but a small percentage of that as well. Or, I could use E Junkie, which is FAR cheaper and doesn't take money from me for each transaction, and provided me with a free trial (how cheap is that!) so CD Baby would have meant less money going to the charity or I could use E Junkie and get the most amount of money for the charity? Well, it was a no brainer once I realized I could use E Junkie.

And my friend Caleb (who provided me with a wee bit of advice on how to start this project) uses them to sell his charity album. Be sure to pick up his as well over at It's Hard to Find a Friend. I gotta give him a shout out because he is the one who helped me realize that this sort of thing could even be possible.

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