Thursday, November 27, 2008

Podcast #1-Episode One: The Phantom Blogger

I mentioned in earlier posts that I was preparing Christmas podcasts for this year. In addition to that, I do have some themed posts in mind to bring you even more fun, and you should see the stack of Christmas CDs and LPs waiting to be ripped to MP3 sitting by my computer! There is apparently no shortage of Christmas goodies to bring to you! And I JUST placed another order with when I saw two CDs I've been wanting for quite some time were finally back in stock (and it said only THREE WERE LEFT! ORDER NOW! What else was I supposed to do?)

Which is why I am glad to put together these podcasts for you. It provides me with an opportunity to give to you a good selection of music in a "radio" setting. These podcasts are samples of how I would run a Christmas music program on the radio (so if any DJs/programming directors are out there reading, hire me to host a Christmas special for your radio station! I provide all my own music!) So if you're already tired of the same revolving playlists on the radio, this podcast may help alleviate some of that.

Also, I can't promise this year I will be able to post EVERY day. With the Wayside Waifs CD going on, I may be busier this year so that's another reason I decided to create these podcasts.

Podcast001-Episode One: the Phantom Blogger

Playlist (links provided to the CD/album if they are available online to order):

Konie-Oh Yeah, It’s Christmas (Oh No…It’s Christmas)
Rosemarie Clooney- C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (the First Christmas Record for Children)
The Medical Mission Sisters-No Longer Alone (Gold, Incense and Myrrh)
Evan Pretti and the Central Moravian Church Choir-Morning Star (PHC Xmas special 2007)

Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal (self titled)
The Weavers-Burgundian Carol (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)
Momus-Little Lord Obedience (World In Winter)

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names-Jullaten 2004 (Oh No…It’s Christmas)
Five for Fighting-Policeman’s Xmas Party (Two Lights)
Centro Matic-Fuselage (It’s Starting to Look Like Christmas Once Again) (Electric Ornaments)
Bathing Beauty-Christmas Tears (
Holiday Freak In)

Terry Anderson & the O A K Team-Santa Had a Wreck (Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas)
Chatham County Line-O Santa! (Redeye Christmas)
5 Chinese Brothers-Rockin’ in the Manger (A Window Shopper’s Christmas)
C.W. Stoneking-On a Christmas Day (My Space)
Victoria Spivey-Christmas Morning Blues (I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus)
Divide and Kreate-Velvet Santa (Santastic III in 3-D)
Ella Fitzgerald-Sleigh Ride (Cool December)
Richard Gills-CB Santa (1976 single)

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