Friday, October 31, 2008

Twelve Months of Christmas Halloween Special

Halloween is a SCARY time of year, right kids? Yet it seems that the scariest time of year is Christmas! Think about it: how many kids do you see cry at the silly Halloween decorations we put up? Do they lose it and have childhood trauma over pumpkins? Now, how many kids do you see cry in frantic terror at the stranger posing as Santa? I see more cries, more screams, come Christmas time.

Which makes Halloween a perfect day to celebrate Christmas! And, surprisingly, there are some great Christmas tracks out there that qualify for a nice Halloween Special! And I compiled those tracks into a very special podcast, hosted by yours truly!

Play it after dark, but keep the lights on!!!

The Twelve Months of Christmas Halloween Special

(Rated T for teen. There might be a naughty word or two in one or two of the tracks.)

And I can't promise this will be an annual tradition...there's not too many Halloween Christmas songs out there!


Anonymous said...

Awesome 'cast King. Appreciate the time and effort to get it together for our listening pleasure.

stubbysfears said...

Love the illustration.

deusdiabolus said...
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DeadmansLog said...

So far I just recognize the Type O song near the beginning - what else is on this podcast?

You've done such a neat job picking this out!

The Tone King said...

I was reluctant to post the playlist because I thought some of the tracks may be frowned upon by certain record companies! For the most part, I tend to avoid newer songs that the RIAA may be policing!

But I will give it a try in the comments...

MXPX-Christmas Night of the Zombies (A Santa Cause-A Punk Rock Christmas)
Type O Negative-Red Water (Christmas Mourning) (October Rust)
Pennywise-Christmas in Hell (Kevin and Bean’s Last Christmas)
Rising Against-Making Christmas (Nightmare Revisited)
Allgood-Christmas with the Devil (The Mother of All Flagpole Christmas)

Frightmare-Slayride (Bringing Back the Bloodshed)
From First to Last-Christmassacre (Taste of Christmas)
Zombina and the Skeletones-Transylvanian Christmas (Get Thee Behind Me Santa)
Flyleaf-What’s This? (Nightmare Revisited)
Bobby Pickett-Monster’s Holiday
The Upsidedown Stars-Hark the Herald Angels Sing