Monday, December 1, 2008

Lost radio treasures

This blog was started to showcase songs that may not get airplay but should in a perfect world. Naturally, we have navigated into some territory that most radio stations would NEVER touch, but hey, it's been a fun journey nonetheless.

I am reminded from time to time that there are songs that were once played on the radio quite a bit but, for some reason or another, just didn't have the staying power of some of the standards. And this coming week I am going to focus on some of those songs.

Now, I must let you know I am not from the era that these songs would have been popular on the radio. I don't have access to the playlists of radio stations of years gone by, and I can only surmise that these did get air play in their day. Perhaps they were extremely popular, perhaps they were one hit Holiday wonders. Regardless, you don't really hear these songs much these days anymore. And I often wonder why.

First up, a request and also one of my personal favorites. And perhaps the inspiration for this themed post. I shared this track previously last year on this blog, but that link has long since expired.

Brenda Lee-I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

Brenda Lee always gets air play to this day with "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree," which is a great track in of itself, and I don't think any version of that song has come close to touching Brenda's version. After all these years, her take on "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" reigns supreme in my book. But this was before then, recorded when she was nine, and it's as every bit as great as "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" in my book. It's a cute song, though I still wonder why she feels she can do a better job than Santa Claus! But if anybody can give Santa a run for his money, I'd place my bets on Brenda Lee!

When these songs played on the radio, I imagine both Elvis and the Beatles vied for top spot on the Billboard charts. It certainly wouldn't be long before somebody tried to capitalize on that success with their own Christmas songs, and sure enough, that great era of radio delivers.

Cindy Rella-Bring Me A Beatle for Christmas

Marlene Paula-I Want To Spend Christmas with Elvis

I don't think Marlene received the news, though...Linda Hughes has some bad news...

Linda Hughes-Elvis Won't Be Here For Christmas

Since we are rocking around the Christmas tree with these songs, let's take rock around once with Santa Claus...

The Hepsters-Rockin' 'n' Rollin' With Santa Claus

Ok, so maybe the Beatles and Elvis aren't what they used to be, so they don't play those songs on the radio, but I am not buying it. Elvis is the highest ranked money maker who is dead. The Beatles will always be popular. And who doesn't like good ol' rock and roll? It amazes me why these songs don't see air play these days on the radio. While I am glad we have what standards we have, songs like this, and more I will bring you this week, really makes me ponder all the more why the 24 hour Christmas radio stations seemed intent to repeat the same songs several times a day.

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