Friday, December 28, 2007


I got a batch of 45s today that I'd like to share and, unlike most other sites, I will also share the b-sides. Only one b-side is not Christmas related in this batch, but it's a fun song nonetheless.

While some of these do delve a little into novelty territory, I think they are obscure enough to be included on this blog.

First up is what got me buying these 45s in the first place. Once I realized I didn't have a handful of versions of Little Donkey, I was determined to rectify the situation. So I give you the Beverley Sisters. The b-side is borderline Christmas...and I don't know if you can really call it that. It's about a toy drum and has a Little Drummer Boy kind of feel to it, but that's as close as it gets.

This record, as with the others here, are all year unknown.

Beverley Sisters-Little Donkey
Beverley Sisters-The Toy Drum (With His Drum)

I have a record off the Mica Records label by Blinda Turvey. I can't find any information about her online and don't know what year this is from, but it's a fun track. The B Side is not Christmas related at all, but I thought I'd post it since I've always wondered about the b-sides of these Christmas singles when posted on other blogs.

Blinda Turvey-Santa's Tag-A-Long
Blinda Turvey-I'm All Broke Out With Love

Jim Backus will probably be long associated with Christmas for his work on Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol but he had a Christmas 45 out and, from the sounds of it, it may predate the Christmas Carol special. Both sides are Christmas treasures.

Jim Backus-I Was a Teenage Reindeer
Jim Backus-Office Party

The last track I have to share comes from a promo record that sounds like it was recorded later than the previous tracks. I am guessing it came out in the 70's. The same track is on both sides.

Larry Cartell-Cowboy Santa

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

Also, there was a request for me to take down a MP3 on my Bethlehem post. It took me a couple days, but I was able to find more than an adequate replacement is THE song I was searching for for that post. It said exactly what I wanted to compliment the post with. Please check it out if you have an extra moment. The track is from Over the Rhine, and it's an excellent song.

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stubbysfears said...

The Jim Backus 45 is from 1959. The Beverly Sisters did most of their recording work in the 50s, too. Having released Greensleeves in 1956 and The Little Drummer Boy in 1958, I'd say that's the general time frame we're talking. The Larry Cartell single is from the 60s and the flip (on a non-promo) was "Little Drummer Boy". And Blinda Turvey is a mystery to me. I've not encountered that one before. But it does have that late 50s vibe to it.