Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A long time ago, under a tree far away....

Anybody over the age of 30 probably had Star Wars toys when they were kids. Or at least knew somebody who did. How could we celebrate Christmas and presents and toys and all the good stuff with it without recalling some of the best toys of the past....the Star Wars toys from Kenner! Todd MacEwen of SPUD 102 got me thinking about this again with a recent blog post:

"While we were on location at McDonald's last week as part of the SPUD FM Christmas Miracle (for more details, see the home page) we got to talking about Christmas memories from childhood - and generally these memories involve toys. Lots and lots of toys. For me, it began and ended with Star Wars."

That about sums it up for me as well. And, not surprisingly, there is a Christmas song honoring these wonderful days of a Christmas long ago and far far way. It comes from an animated short of the same name and it won the George Lucas Selects Award in 2002.

Kristy Dawson-Christmas Tauntauns

And while we are on the topic of Star Wars, this is a good time to talk about the Star Wars Christmas in the Stars holiday album. Naturally, my curiosity is piqued on how aliens in a galaxy long ago and far far away could be celebrating the birth of Jesus in a tiny manger in what is more than likely in their future (a problem I have with the Flintstones celebrating Christmas as well, come to think of it) but the result is both breathtaking and horrific at the same time.

Most bloggers will share either the title track or the ever popular, "R2-D2, We Wish You A Merry Christmas." You can even find the answer of what do you get a Wookie for Christmas if he already has a comb elsewhere online. (The answer is you can get him peace, love, and basically Chewie gets screwed AGAIN, as if not getting a medal at the end of A New Hope wasn't a piss in the face enough!) No, I chose to share with you a lesser heard track...a track where R2-D2 learns to put his whistles to good use...and that is debatable, by the way...

Star Wars Christmas in the Stars-Sleigh Ride

And also today I have the second segment on SPUD 102 for your listening pleasure.

SPUD 102 12/11/07

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