Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TV Christmas songs---Tone King style

Back in the "Don't Hassle the Hoff" post, I promised to post a TV song themed topic in the future. I do have some Partridge Family, but I just can't get past the whole novelty feel about it, and I try my best to shy away from the novelty type songs here. That's not to say I won't share some in the future, but I am betting if that's what you're looking for, there's other places to find some Partridge Family out there.

And while what I am sharing today doesn't directly come from the TV shows mentioned, it does tie back into it in a six degrees of separation kind of a way. More like one degree, in this case.

A nod of gratitude goes to the one who can identify the character above. It is Roger Barkley, of the Barkleys. And what does the Barkleys have in common with Ghost Story, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, Gidget Gets Married, Bewitched, and others? They all have characters played by Gene "Eugene" Andrusco. He was a child actor who didn't follow in the destructive paths of so many other former child stars, but had a formidable career in music in his adult years.

Known simply as Gene Eugene by his fans, he will always be best remembered by his work in music, both as a performer and as a producer. He has recorded and produced hundreds of albums in his studio, The Green Room, including Starflyer 59, who I chose a track from for my Spud 102 segments.

Gene's main avenue to express his own music was with Adam Again and also with the Lost Dogs. There is much more to be said about these two bands and the artists involved in each band and the influence all these members have in each other's lives and in other music. It spans quite a history of music in total, when you include such people as Terry Scott Taylor in the mix as well.

As I said, I could say MUCH about this man's work and all that he's been involved in. I will let the Wikipedia pages pick up where I lack the space here (you came looking for songs, after all...I know.) And I'd like to share with you some of Gene Eugene's Christmas music.

The first two tracks come from the long out of print and highly sought after collection "Broken Christmas."

Adam Again-Angels We Have Heard On High
Gene Eugene, Riki Michelle, ojo-O Come, O Come Immanuel

If you clicked on the Wiki links already, you know that Gene Eugene died March 20, 2000. The music world lost a giant when Gene died, there's no doubt about it, and nobody has been able to replace him, and I doubt anybody ever will.

I learned of Gene's death from a colleague of his, Harold Bloemendaal, who goes by Harold Wayne on some records. Harold has been in three bands in his life: The Reign (rock), Mercy River (alt country-where I personally discovered his music), and in the Christmas themed named band ZuZu's Petals (by name only...ZuZu's Petals did not put out any Christmas music). ZuZu's Petals hasn't played in nearly 5 years now and I see that there is a new band out there using that name, not to be confused with Harold's band.

When he recorded as the Reign, Harold not only contributed to the Broken Christmas compilation, but he also released a Christmas song on his debut CD for the Reign, "Back From Euphoria." This album, and song, was one of the many albums produced by Gene Eugene in his day.

The Reign-Looking For You (On Christmas Day)

While I am sure those of you waiting for the TV song related post were hoping for some tracks so horribly bad they go back to good by your beloved TV favorites, I had to dig a little deeper and bring out some true treasures from the mine to share. And if this is your first exposure to Gene Eugene and Adam Again (and the Lost Dogs and all those he worked with) I hope this isn't your last. These artists do not have large followings, but a fiercely loyal following, and it's easy to see why once you get into the music.

The Lost Dogs also have a new Christmas CD out. It is a shame that Gene did not live to be involved in this project, but if you're like me and you discover new music through Christmas music, this is some of the best you will discover this year.

More to come....


Anonymous said...

you are wonderful. thank you so much.

Bill said...

Hello! I've been searching for years to replace the cassette I have of the Reign that I purchased at one of their concerts in California many years ago. Do you happen to have digital copy you were I could get from? I would been totally excited to get a new version, my cassette has about had it. They were a band ahead of their time and wish they were still around.

Bill said...

I guess I need to leave my email