Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Love the Winter Weather

Well, I love it when I don't have to drive in it. Sitting inside and looking at a new world full of crystal branches and a fresh blanket of snow is something quite serene.

And the mid-west has been getting pounded pretty bad with winter weather lately. Some not so good (several still without power in my state alone) but waking up to a fresh coating of snow made me nostalgic for some old songs.

First up is Robyn Hitchcock. I first got into Robyn back in the late 80s when his videos were featured on 120 Minutes (an MTV video music show...I know, I know, pretty old school stuff from a time when MTV actually showed MUSIC!). This song comes from "I Often Dream of Trains," which I picked up in Rochester, Minnesota from a small record store just on the other side of the rail road tracks. A great place, by the way, that has long since died out. But I digress.... This track isn't commonly heard with the usual mix of Christmas music, and to be fair it's not a Christmas track, but it's fitting for this time of year so I am including it and it's in The Tone King's Christmas play list.

Robyn Hitchcock-Winter Love

Next is another winter track, this time from the Squirrel Nut Zippers. A co-worker told me about this band back in 1996 and this is probably one of the first alternative type Christmas CDs I purchased. Great, great stuff, and this is only one track of many that are just incredible.

Squirrel Nut Zippers-Winter Weather

I have another track from the Flagpole collection I posted about not that long ago. It's from a band called Here It Love It Dance It and a Google search results in NOTHING! I can only surmise that, since Flagpole was just a local magazine in Athens, GA, that this band never rose above local fame and died out in the early 90s. Well, such is the fate of many local bands, but at least their time together was preserved on a local CD which ended up in my hands to share with you all.

Here It Love It Dance It-Snowflakes are Falling

Finally, I chose a track to give to those of you who are not experiencing a peaceful day of snowfall in your city. If you have not yet had your dose of winter weather yet, this track is for you.

The Specimen-Wish It Would Snow

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Anonymous said...

Try googling "hear it love it dance it".

merry xmas from crow