Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" is a timeless classic, always played at this time of year and is not too hard to find. And, while not completely lost to time, the single above only proves that Brenda was recording with the Christmas spirit from an early age (nine years old when she made that record!)

I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus is now one of my personal favorite holiday songs along with "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." The touch that Brenda puts on these songs is priceless, and nobody seems to be able to do it better.

Brenda's desire to lasso Santa also hearkens back to the rampant selfishness of Gene Autry's wish to see his mother marry Santa so he can have Christmas all the time. Brenda wants to lasso Santa and keep all the toys! Screw you, kids, Brenda says. She doesn't care if those orphans don't get their teddy bears this Christmas! Gosh, I wonder what it is about all these early Christmas songs that were so anti-Christmas spirit! And they think the war on Christmas just started recently?

In a future blog posting, look for a new series to start that features lost and forgotten workers under Santa's care. It takes far, far more than 8 reindeer and Rudolph and a fat man in a red suit to get those presents out, folks. And wouldn't you know that Brenda told us about one of them.... Christy Christmas.

A few things of interest:
►Christy is a HE. Some really cruel parents there.
►He's made of wood, so I am not sure if this is a forerunner of Pinocchio or what.
►His duties include:
●Loading Santa's Sleigh
●Hitching up all the reindeer
●He picks out the presents for each little girl and boy! HE PICKS THEM ALL! KIDS, you are telling the wrong guy about what you want for Christmas! Santa DOESN'T CARE!
►He'll make your dreams come true. REALLY??? Because I can dream some pretty big things, Christy!

Later in the song we learn Christy Christmas will bring the toys to little girls and boys. Uh...OK...we tell Santa what we want for Christmas but it's Christy who picks out all the presents we each get and now you're telling me the fat guy doesn't leave the presents, but it's Christy Christmas? I am feeling gypped here somehow...

One thing he trumps Santa on, however, is he brings US treats to eat. Screw you, Santa, and your constant demanding for milk and cookies! Christy is feeding ME!!!!

And at the end of the song we learn they are making Christy into a toy, which makes me wonder if we were duped into listening to a toy commercial all this time, and we also learn that Christy is Santa's little boy. Gee, I sure hope Mrs. Claus didn't get splinters in delivering him!


Anonymous said...

I think that you are wrong about brenda Lee; the song lyrics are:

I'm gonna pop, pop santa clause with my water pistol gun
And then i'll take his bags of toys and run and bring to all the kids who don't none

She is going to take Santa's toys and distribute them, not keep for herself.

The Tone King said...

Well, that makes me feel a bit better! WHEW!

So she think she can do a better job than Santa at distributing the toys, huh? First Christy Christmas is trying to take Ol' Saint Nick's job, and now Brenda Lee? The man must be getting an inferiority complex by now!