Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Home Sweet Home Christmas

One LP record I happened upon recently was a still sealed copy of A Home Sweet Home Christmas. Home Sweet Home was a record label started by Chris Christian.

The record is from 1985 and features all original songs by the artists represented...not a cover version in sight. The majority of the songs were written in 1984 and 1985 (one was written in 82) so it's certainly a product of its time.

While I more than likely won't do this often, I am going to post every track from the record. It's extremely hard to find (an extensive Google search this afternoon yielded no further information about this record for me, but I did see that the label that put this record out is also responsible for unleashing the Dallas Cowboys NFL Christmas Record on the world.)

It's middle of the road safe music...nothing really revolutionary here. Just nice, easy listening tracks. And sometimes that's just perfect.

White Heart-Gloria
Steve Archer-Bethlehem Morning
Chris Christian-It's Christmas Time
Gary Allen Green-Jesus, Merry Christmas
John Schriner-What Child Is This?
Rick Riso-Jesus Is the Promised One
Tami Gunden-Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem
Gary Allen Green-I Have Held My King
David Martin-It Won't Be Christmas
White Heart-Who Is The One?