Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas with Olive (and Digby)

I think Digby and Olive are my two favorite characters on Pushing Dasies. I never heard of Kristin Chenoweth before that show (I am not into Broadway musicals, and I guess that's where she earned her fame) but discovering her has led me to discover some new music, and new Christmas music. She has never released a Christmas album, but hopefully one day that will be rectified. Until then, we do have her live performance on Prairie Home Companion from last year to tide us over.

Kristen Chenoweth-Come On, Ring Those Bells

Kristen performs that song in honor to a singer who inspired her as a child... Evie. While Evie didn't write "Come On, Ring Those Bells," she is the one who made that song her own and made it popular. It's not a commonly heard song, however, at least not in mainstream media, so I think it's fit to feature here on a blog that's set out to give exposure to more obscure Christmas songs. This may be one of the least obscure of the's well known enough...but as much as I love Kristen's version, it's like most cover versions of classics...nothing beats the original.

Evie-Come On, Ring Those Bells

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