Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Going From Suck to Blow!

Yesterday was a good day. My place of work gives the employees a "shopping day" to take off and do Christmas shopping or spend it however they like. And it's all paid for! Not a bad deal. I had a good time yesterday going out and checking the stores for used and needed Christmas CDs (came away with a handful...nothing too exotic or ultra rare but still a good haul).

However, why does it seem when we get a day off from work and it is a good day off the Universe works to balance it out the next day and punish us with a craptacular day at work?

Yes, today was such a day, and it started to suck immediately when I had computer problems from the start and was on the phone with IT for nearly an hour. Then a co-worker went home sick which added to my work load considerably, and it quickly went from suck to blow.

But enough of that. I am sure everybody has experienced this...good times followed by bad that seem to be designed to keep you down on the ground and remind you to not get used to it. And me whining about my day isn't helpful and nobody wants to hear it.

So I decided since we all have days like that, what better way to spend this post than posting songs that just make me feel good? Heck, I need it, and maybe you do too. And maybe your choice of songs to feel good by are different than mine, but I hope these make you feel good.

First up is the Flaming Lips. I've seen this in different places, and I just loved the song as soon as I heard it. This past weekend I burned a MP3 CD to take into work, and this was in the mix. As this was playing, I was helping a customer and the wife said to her husband before she left, "I don't like this music." Tough titty, said the kitty. This is a great song. Just because it isn't Burl Ives doesn't mean it's not good.

Flaming Lips-A Change At Christmas

And what makes us feel better than PUPPIES! I know after a particularly rough day, nothing beats coming home to my doggie. This is a song I first found on Ebay on an original 45. I HAD to have it, but before I committed to buy it I found a whole collection by this artist on amazon.co.uk (this is the only Christmas song on the CD...but the whole collection is great) for less than what the single 45 was going for. I was quite glad to add this to my play list.

Adam Faith-Lonely Pup (In a Christmas Shop)

From 2005, here's another good rollicking rock tune to perk you up after the day has beat you down.

The Knife-Christmas Reindeer

I started out to post some unreleased greats, but the first one I came across made me feel so good after this rough day that I immediately changed the topic for today. I found this one online at their My Space page. As far as I know, it's online only and officially unreleased.

Robbers on High Street-Seasons Greetings

And, finally, I have a track from the Fireflies out of Chicago, IL. This is from their album Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon. This is a bit more on the serene side of feeling good, but it makes me feel good nonetheless.

Fireflies-Xmas Song

And not to miss a beat, here is today's installment of my SPUD 102 segments.

SPUD 102 12/18/2007

Thank you for listening and for your time.

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stubbysfears said...

The Robbers On High Street tune--which, by the way, is a cover version of a track from the Great American Song Poem Album--is all over the net this year. You can even get it free at the group's official website. But I think it counts as an official release when you can also buy the download from iTunes. It's probably on Amazon, too.

Better days are ahead. :-)