Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Is For the Animals!

Keeping a bit in the theme of the Wayside Waifs CD, but not really going on so much about it in this post, I thought I would make a few themed posts that could tie in to the project and still bring you some cool Christmas music to boot!

There are a couple animal related Christmas songs on my CD..."The Cat Who Controls Christmas," "A Horse Is Not Just for Christmas," and "I Will Hold You Until You Sleep." Of course, Larry Garrett's song "Old Dogs" that finishes off the disc is about dogs, but it's not so much of a Christmas song as it is just about seeing the decline in the health of a loved furry one.

But there are, from time to time, fun animal Christmas songs out there. Some of them I just discovered (or I would have asked some of the contributing artists to cover a track or two!) and a couple of them I shared previously (such as "Lonely Pup in a Christmas Shop") and I had a couple on my podcast last week for you to enjoy as well.

But here are some new ones...

First, I want to start with a new one to me, but an oldie. How did I get through my life without hearing this song before? This could also be filed under "Lost Radio Treasures" as well, as this may have been played on the radio back in "the day" but for some reason it just doesn't get rotation on the air any more.

Ricky Zahnd & the Blue Jeaners-Something Barked on Christmas Morning

I don't know...maybe the song would have done better if they didn't have a person doing the barking and actually were able to record a real dog!

Speaking of something old that's new to me, and a song with a person barking... Here is one that could also be cross referenced under "Lost Radio Treasures" and I've been planning a "Forgotten Christmas Characters" themed post for a while now and this would certainly fit in that post as well, but for now I will share it in the animal post, because I think it's much more outstanding for being one of the rare Christmas songs to be about a dog.

Tennessee Ernie Ford-Little Klinker

The real klinker for me on that song is the grown ass man barking at the end! What is that about? Were real dogs barking hard to record back when these songs were recorded?

There is a newer song about a similar topic, recorded in 2006. I found this song on You Tube, and while it is a newer song, the recording is decidely low-fi. But I think it's a decent song, and worth sharing here for this themed post.

Martin Metcalfe-Santa's Dog

Ok, I know, I've been playing a few dog songs and the cat lovers out there are wondering where their cat Christmas songs are! I haven't forgotten you!

From the Cwistmas Twee compilation...

Colin Clary-Meow Meow

I haven't been able to track down as many oldie cat Christmas songs, but here is one goody from the Marty Gold Children's Chorus...

Marty Gold Children's Chorus-The Kitty Ate the Tinsel on the Christmas Tree

It makes me wonder what the kitty will cough up later on if they eat all that tinsel! But at least it won't be cat hairballs...

Ren and Stimpy-Cat Hairballs

From Canada we have a more modern cat carol...and a bit of a sad song at that...just so you are warned.

Meryn Cadell-The Cat Carol

That makes me wonder if Christmas is indeed safe for animals...

Of Montreal-Christmas Isn't Safe for the Animals

After all the dog and cat songs, there are others...Christmas donkeys for example...but I would like to share one more animal song I found. And this goes out to one of my followers...it's not a parakeet song, but at least it's a Christmas song about a bird! Maybe the bird isn't a parakeet, but if they ever do make a parakeet Christmas song I will be sure to post it here!

Red Coffee Quaky the Singing Duck-Ducky Christmas

That comes from an online compilation I downloaded back in 2006 called Holiday Freakin. (It doesn't look like anything Christmas related is on that site today, however...) Another track from that compilation isn't so overtly about animals, but the last bit is a decent Christmas message for our furry friends.

Alain Marcoux-Noel Jai Mal Au Coeur

Wow...there actually turns out to be a good handful of animal Christmas songs out there! And I do know there's more...quite a few more. But these are just the ones that came to my mind first when I thought of this post.

If you enjoy these animal Christmas songs, then by all means pick up the Wayside Waifs CD! It's available either as a physical CD or a download...which ever you prefer! And I did have a few sales since yesterday! Thanks to all who ordered! It is appreciated!

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Chris in Cary said...

Nice collection. Thank you. And the Cat Carol did make me cry.