Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Monday Night...'s time for HEADLINES!

Oh, wait...wrong show.

But I would like to share a brief update on the status of the Wayside Waifs CD!

First off, here are pictures of the CD and interior for those curious....

And a few more things I would like to note, perhaps some minor details that I forgot to mention before...

This is a LIMITED EDITION CD OF 500 COPIES. When they are gone, they are gone. So those of you waiting to order your copy, please keep that in mind!

This edition is an actual CD, NOT CDR, complete with silkscreen printing.

Also, I don't believe I ever posted the song samples here. Yes, they are on the Wayside Waifs CD blog, but for people who just visit this site or for new readers, here they are...They are minute long 24 kbit samples.

1) ShiSho-Christmas Bells
2) Zen Doggies-Oh Santa
3) Don Campau-It's That Time of Year Again
4) Ray Carmen-Jingle Bell Rock
5) Lord of the Yum Yum-Ukrainian Bell Choir
6) What About Frogs-The Cat Who Controls Christmas
7) The Harvey Girls-Christmas Time Is Here
8) Thee Majesty-I Like the Holidays
9) Fireflies-Xmas Song (new version recorded for this compilation!)
10) Matthias Rowe-A Different Scarf
11) Ken Clinger-I'm Coming Home For Christmas This Year
12) Rick Malsick-Joseph's Song
13) Euchrid Eucrow-A Horse Is Not Just for Christmas
14) John Mitchell-The Reason for the Season
15) R. Stevie Moore-Joy to the World
16) Zen Doggies-Goodbye Christmas
17) Mercurial Rage-It's Christmas
18) Ethan Waters-5AM Christmas Pawn Groove
19) Worm is Green-Jólaljósin
20) Matthias Rowe-Northern Lights
21) Ken Clinger-I Will Hold You Until You Sleep
22) Larry Garrett-Old Dogs

So, how is the CD going? Well this is an update...

Sales picked up a bit since I made my post on here last week. While not exactly breaking the wheels on the post office truck, I did ship out a good number of packages last week and got a few more orders for downloads.

For those who said that they were going to help with the project (Wayside Waifs, my vet, Gary Lezak...I am looking in your directions!) that has been another story. It's just been a cycle of no responses to emails and I don't know what. It's just a bit frustrating, especially not knowing if Wayside Waifs is EVER going to put anything on their website about it. It's like do they realize the sale of this CD can only help them out?

I did get a chance to meet with Gary Lezak (he's the weather man for NBC 41 here in Kansas City and does a lot of work for Wayside Waifs and area shelters) and I personally handed him a copy of the CD so now it's just up to him on how he promotes it. But the bottom line is I am only one guy and only so many people read this blog and I believe this is a great CD and more people outside of this blog will want to pick this up. Word of mouth makes a project like this work. I can't do it all myself, folks! It will be a slow process raising money for them if it's just me here.

So if you run a Christmas site of your own, if you are a DJ, if you do anything where people may read/listen to you/whatever...tell them about this CD! Link back here or to the Wayside Waifs blog. Either or is cool.

The links to buy the CD are right on this page. You have the track listing above, with samples, so there should be no confusion what is on the disc! Buy a copy for yourself, buy a copy for a friend, buy some as Christmas presents!

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