Monday, December 8, 2008

Wayside Waifs CD Update

Ok, I am going to post my CD updates here. The main reason is because I want the sale of the CD at my Wayside Waifs blog to remain at the top of the page when people visit the page. Also, I wanted to bring more attention to the project here. A good number of my faithful readers have purchased a copy already, but a good number of you have not. That could be George Bush's fault for making the economy turn out the way it has, or it could be I just haven't promoted it enough here. And I feel The Twelve Months of Christmas gets considerable amount of traffic, and many of you viewing this post probably never knew I had a CD available of Christmas music.

Or at least I am going to go ahead and give you the benefit of the doubt.

I mentioned earlier that I would be at Wayside Waifs on Saturday the 6th selling the CD with my faithful pooch by my side, and that's exactly what I did. Here I am with my dog:

It wasn't exactly a prime locale...not right by the main doors where people came in and out all day, but it was the first table (after the coffee) people saw as they headed down the hall to get their pet's pictures taken with Santa Claus. But I had a fair amount of traffic, and all in all that day I sold 6 CDs. I thought I would sell more, so maybe the sales slump from this site has spilled over to Wayside Waifs!

They did keep 25 copies there to sell off, so hopefully all goes good with that. Larry Garrett was also there to help out for a bit, and he took this picture. He also contributed a song to the CD, called "Old Dogs." He played a show that evening at Latteland and took 5 copies. He sold 4 of the 5.

So, total sales so far, as of today: 38. That's not counting the 25 Wayside took to sell, of course. 63 would be a decent number to report, but I don't know how fair it is to count those as sold quite yet. I am trusting they will sell.

So, if you haven't ordered your copy yet, I encourage you to do so. All the money made off of this CD will go to benefit Wayside Waifs of Kansas City, and I don't just feel it's an important enough project to interrupt this "regularly scheduled blog" for this post, but I also feel it's a fine CD, a damn fine CD. I am not just saying that because I produced it, either. I feel the artists that contributed brought their A game. They didn't just record something for the sake of recording it and moving on to the next project. You can tell they put time and effort into their music. And it's an eclectic collection and, while I like every song, I don't believe everybody will like every song. But I think there's something on there for everybody. At least for everybody I think would dig buying a CD like this.

And ten dollars? There's not too many ten dollar CDs around like this, folks. Even online...I've seen a few other Christmas charity CDs being sold for more than that. I realize the economy is in the dog house, but ten bucks for a disc of nearly 80 minutes of music? Not too shabby at all, even in an economic slump.

And I know how many times my most popular MP3s have downloaded from this blog. #1 was downloaded 2674 times when I looked this morning. A song I put up can have a hundred hits in no time at all before a day or two is completed. So I know this site gets traffic, which is why I am plugging this here. By contrast, the number of times the song samples I have on my Wayside Waifs blog were downloaded is about 50 times. So 50 times....38 imagine if I had that same percentage of the 2600+ that view this site buying the CD! Come on, people!

So you understand why I am spending just a bit more time promoting the Wayside Waifs CD here. And I think I am beginning how those NPR people feel during their pledge drives!

The links to buy the CD are right near the top, to the right of my post. I look forward to your order!

Thank you for reading and listening...and buying!

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