Sunday, December 21, 2008

The first day of Winter...

It's the first day of Winter, the longest night of the year (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! WE GET MORE DAY LIGHT AFTER TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!) so I thought I would share some of my favorite winter songs, and some not so familiar winter songs.

Starting off the festive solstice, here's another one that could be categorized under "lost radio treasure." Surely a song that doesn't get nearly enough spin time on the radio these days...


It's perhaps one of the coldest days/nights of the year here, perhaps one of the coldest nights in my parts in a long time. At least as long as I've lived here. And the weather forecast calls for more sleet and snow this coming week. But yet it's still good to be alive on this winter day.

The Lundstroms-On a Winter Day

And here are yet a few more lost radio treasures celebrating the winter season...

Vinnie Monte-Hey Look at the Winter Snow

Linda Laurie-All Winter Long

Connie Francis-I'm Gonna Be Warm this Winter

And a few more winter songs to keep you warm this long night...

Eisley-The Winter Song

Remington Super 60-Wintertime

Ingrid Michaelson first came to my attention last year with her My Space song "Men of Snow." Since then she's been quite a contributer to the world of Christmas music, and putting out a very nice body of work. Here's hoping next year we get a full length Christmas CD from her. The following track is a live performance of her song from the compilation Winter Songs.

Ingrid Michaelson-Winter Song (Live on the Tonight Show)

A couple more from the lost radio treasure era...

The Crystalairs-Winter Love

Danny Janssen Group-Winter Wonderland

Winding down today's post, here is a track by one of my favorite groups, Havalina Rail Company. They put out a decent body of work, but largely unnoticed and criminally underrated and under appreciated. They didn't perform any Christmas songs but we do have their ode to winter from their CD Russian Lullabies.

Havalina Rail Company-Winter

Next up is a new track I discovered on MySpace. The leader of Havalina Rail Co. is Matt Wignall. To me, the lead singer of this new band I found reminds me quite a bit of Mr. Wignall. I don't know if that's a coincidence, or if Matt Death is Mr. Wignall's new moniker. Whatever the case may be, this is one of my favorite finds so far this year.

Matt Death and the New Intellectuals-For Winter

And here is a song about a topic we really don't like to think about too much, but this band doesn't dwell too much on the negatives...

Pearlfishers-Winter Roads

Finally, a find from this past summer, when I visited a record store in Kansas City. I picked up this private label folk record and it had a song about the winter on there so I took a chance on it. Not the find of the century, or even the find of the year. But it's a capable recording and I thought I would share the one winter/Christmas track on the album.

Joyce Brookshire-Wintertime in the Mountains

Hope you have a good solstice, and thank you for reading and listening.

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