Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yet another Wayside Waifs update

Normally I reserve my updates for Monday, but today I got some sad news.

I posted previously how I had been trying to contact Wayside Waifs just about every day. I had a couple contacts there and then I started to get emails back undeliverable and I wondered if the contacts I had were even with them anymore. Did they resign? Did they get laid off due to the recession?

It turns out the lady who coordinated my visit there on Saturday the 6th had a terrible personal loss for their family. Obviously I am not sure how public they want this information, but I am not revealing any names. The lady lost her child that she was pregnant with.

On top of that, their whole voice mail/email system was jacked up for some reason, so I guess nobody was getting emails.

So if you've been thinking about donating to get this CD, your help would go a long way and be much appreciated by all.

I did manage to get the CDs for sale at my vet's office, which should help. My vet had to check with the office manager first and said that she wished they could have had them out sooner. Yeah, like right after I took my dog in for his annual booster shots a couple weeks ago! But at least I got them up there and Wayside Waifs told me they would get something on their website as soon as they could. Every little bit is going to help.

I will leave you for now...I hope to have time to come back later tonight to post some more Christmas goodness for you...I have a few ideas in mind for a post this evening.

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