Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Off season finds part 3

There is one My Space find I forgot to share yesterday that I wanted to share with you today as a way to link yesterday's post with today's...

The Duloks-Bad Vegetarian

Those of you who downloaded my podcasts may have already heard the CW Stoneking track and this track, as I shared both of those in my podcasts.

There is a DJ out of Portland, Oregon named Dave Cusick who hosts a radio show called That Sound. In addition to admitting he's visited my blog looking for music to use on his Christmas shows (and Dave LOVES Christmas music! Be sure to check out his archived programs and download his podcasts, especially his Christmas shows!) and in addition to contributing a track ("The Cat Who Controls Christmas") for the Wayside Waifs CD, Dave also turned me on to Local Cut, which put out a charity CD last year called "Another Gray Christmas." Unfortunately, I learned of the CD a bit too late, as they were sold out of it by the time Dave told me about it. (So if any of you dear readers want to share the CD with me....just sayin' you know!)

HOWEVER, Local Cut did have a couple downloads up on their site and here they are:

Eskimo and Sons-Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
Starf***er-Happy F***ing Christmas

And some random tracks I found at artist's websites in my talent search for the Wayside Waifs CD...all sites I just randomly came upon in my quest for people who might be interested in contributing a track or two to my effort.

Mike Viola-Give Me A Second Chance for Christmas
The Walkmen-No Christmas While I'm Talking
Unstatuesque with Stafrænn Hákon-Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Unstatuesque with Stafrænn Hákon-White Christmas

Thank you for listening, and be sure to check back tomorrow for your New Years Day Gift!

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