Monday, December 29, 2008

Off season finds part 1

For those of you who only check the blogs around this time of year for Christmas music, you may not realize that Christmas music can be found online all year long (or perhaps you don't want to know about it!) Granted, it's not going to be nearly as plentiful in mid June as it is in mid December, but I managed to find a good number of Christmas goodies over the past twelve months while the rest of you were on the beach playing volleyball and getting your tans.

And, since this is the Twelve MONTHS of Christmas, I thought what better time for me to reflect on this past year of Christmas music than to share with you some of my off season finds?

And as I compiled my list, I realized that I had more than could probably be contained in one post, so I will make this a multi parter until I am done...probably on New Year's Eve if all goes well.

First up on the list of things I want to share are a couple radio show goodies I found. Before I got into collecting Christmas music, my big thing was collecting air checks and radio morning show CDs. Man, that got REAL expensive, and difficult! (You don't know how many DJs across the nation did NOT want me to buy the CD of material from their morning show because they were afraid I was going to steal their material...and some of them had material ripped off and used on shows like Crank Yankers and by other DJs!) But I use my past experience in looking for things in helping me find even MORE Christmas goodies. So I visited some of my favorite radio/aircheck haunts this past year and uncovered a couple goodies. Of course, I hope to find even more in 2009, but for now these are rather fun...

Radio Caroline-Batman's Christmas Caper (1966)

Radio Caroline was an offshore radio station that broadcast off the shore of Felixstowe, Suffolk, England. They began transmission Easter Sunday, 1964, and went on to broadcast for 40 years. This broadcast took advantage of the Batman craze at the time and the cast consists of the Radio Caroline disc jockeys.

I sincerely hope to find more Radio Caroline Christmas goodies in the coming year. My search has just begun....

Next up...

KMPC-Robert Morgan 12-23-1983

KMPC was an AM station out of Los Angels and I understand that Christmas was a real important time to Robert Morgan (pictured above), and he went out of his way to make his Christmas broadcasts quite memorable. Here is a snippet of time preserved for us to enjoy today from the 12-23-1983 broadcast from 7-8am. As with more Radio Caroline Christmas goodies, I hope to find more Robert Morgan Christmas goodies.

Ok, well, I will leave you with that to enjoy for now...this should give you plenty to listen to until I come back tomorrow with even more off season Christmas goodies to share with you!