Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just time for some favorites..and more lost radio treasures

Today I present some favorites...some songs that I planned for playlists in my podcasts but didn't make the shows for one reason or another.

First up....

Louis Philippe-The 13th Day of Christmas

The Arcadians-Write Your Letter

These two songs kind of have a timeless feel to them, or maybe it's just me. And I like how they sound. Louis' track comes from World in Winter and the Arcadians' track comes from Chantons Noël Ghosts of Christmas Past. Both are wonderful compilations.

Which takes us into the topic of letters to Santa, and another song that fits in with that older and timeless style just fine....

Anne Lloyd-When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter

Which takes us back into that "Lost Radio Treasures" territory we visited earlier this month. And that leads me to a track from the 2004 Adventures in Carols compilation posted by our friends over at FaLaLaLaLa.

Living Voices-Be A Santa

One of the finest classic recordings of Christmas music, and a must have in any collection, small or large, is the Rotary Connection's album Peace. From their landmark Christmas album...

Rotary Connection-Christmas Child

While dipping our feet in the radio treasures of the past, here's an oldie and a goodie from Tex Ritter on the I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus compilation.

Tex Ritter-Christmas Carols by the Old Corral

There are really so many songs from the "lost radio treasures" era I could share, but I have to save some for the future postings on this blog. But for now I will leave you with this one ...

The Newports-It's Christmas Once Again

And, just for something a little extra...

Don Campau, who contributed a track to the Wayside Waifs CD, hosts a radio program and he put the podcasts up of that program up this past week. It is his holiday episode, though not all the songs he played are Christmas songs. But there are a few Christmas songs to be found here, including a few tracks from my CD. So stream or're gonna find some cool Christmas music and you're also going to find some interesting new music to boot.

No Pigeonholes KKUP edition 14 December 2008 pt1
No Pigeonholes KKUP edition 14 December 2008 pt2

Please note that these are being hosted by Don himself, so they will be gone when he decides they will be gone. Get while the getting is good.


3-4 PM

Ken Clinger/ Radio/ Bovine CD
R. Stevie Moore/ Joy To The World/ Microscope Media Group CD
X Ray Pop/ Fuzzy Christmas/ MBS 7”
Brunos Band/ JamminG/---CD
Background music: Hsia-Jung Chang/ Inside The Piano/---CD
What About Frogs/ The Cat Who Controls Christmas/ Microscope Media Group CD
The Parlotones/ Colourful/ Sovereign CD
Freelove Circus/ Freiliebe/ Guaranteed Cleveland CD
Sneaky Pete/ Three Steps Ahead Of You/---CD
Evan Peta/ Full Metal Al/ Scorched CD
JP Delaire/ Last Call/ Tender Girl CD
Exotica/ Don’t Fight Your Fate/---CD
Joe And Bev/ Favorite Christmas/ Lonely Whistle CD
Brunos Band/ Heartbreak/ R&R CD
Brunos Band/ Watermelon Man, You’re Not Alone/---live
Brunos Band/ Changes/ R&R CD

December 16, 2008 10:16 AM PST


Nicole Campau/ Snowflakes/ Lonely Whistle CD
Ken Clinger/ I’m Coming Home For Christmas/ Microscope Media Group CD
Sling/ When I’m With You/---CD
Suddyn/ Gravity/---CD
Brunos Band/ Tin Can Blues/ R&R CD
Brunos Band/ Los Suenos, Life’s Too Short/---live
Doug Michael/ Completely Accidental/ Tradewind Music CD
Jerry Keating/ You And The Horse You Rode In On/ Alethia CD
Drift/ The Ultimate Gadget/ Swinging Axe CD
Off The Sky/ Willow Piece/ thelandof CD
Jliat/ Now That’s What I Call Noise Vol 15/ Jliat CD
Harlan Mark Vale/ World Of Good/ Pillars Of Light CD

Thank you for reading and listening.

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